Peregrine Roskilly – Painting – Monna


Peregrine Roskilly – Dye Inks & Pastel – Monna

Signed and dated 31/7/96
Dye inks & pastel painting
Frame size:  34¾ x 25 inches / 88.2 x 63.5
Stock number: RG14/0121/QSG
Price: £180

Peregrine Roskilly

As a storyboard artist he worked all his life making drawings, illustrations and paintings for many art directors in dozens of leading London advertising agencies. Having begun his career in art in the 1960’s he had to develop many styles to suit all the art directors intentions: from painterly styles like Boucher to Victorian scraps to Monet to popular illustrators and cartoonists to realize the brief. Now he is free to express himself in whatever way he wishes. Sometimes abstract, sometimes visualising Utopia or seeing the world and reporting what he sees.

Peregrine was part of exhibitions that were held in my Petworth Gallery between 2000 and 2003. This painting was bought for me as a gift and has been on my walls ever since. Unfortunately, I have recently moved and no longer have the space to hang all my paintings and photographs, so have made the decision to part with a small number of items from my collection, including this.


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