Hajime Sorayama – Print – Sexy Robot – Pink Swimsuit


Hajime Sorayama – Giclee Print – Pink Swimsuit

Limited edition Signed 20/35
Giclee print on paper
Image size: 19 x 13 inches / 48.3 x 32.9 cm
Stock number: HS22a/QSG
Price: £850

Sorayama began drawing erotic art of gynoid robots in 1983. His pin-up work appeared monthly for years in the pages of Penthouse magazine, and Playboy TV later aired made a television special on Sorayama’s art. In an interview, he said pin-up was his “mania”, commenting that “I’ve been drawing them since high school. Back then, there was this thing for the Playboy and Penthouse playmates. Now, it’s the girl-next-door, idol type, but in our day, these pin-ups were like goddesses. I guess I could describe it as my own goddess cult”.

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Hajime Sorayama

Hajime Sorayama graduated from Chubi Central Art School in 1969, and had initially spent some time working with an advertising company. Since becoming freelance in 1972, he has established his position as a legendary artist both within Japan and abroad, armed with his astounding sense of realistic expressional techniques.

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