Sardax – Etching – Shanghai Bizarre No 1


Sardax – Black & White Etching – Shanghai Bizarre, No 1 – The Travel Agent

Black & white etching
Limited edition of 120 (only ten now available)
Signed and numbered
Print size (including border): 11¾ x 16½ inches / 29.7 x 42 cm
Printed on Hahnemühle German Fine Etching paper 300gsm
Obsession Art limited edition – London – 2007
Stock number: SA01/QSG
Price: £150

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If you’re not familiar with the art of Sardax and his limited edition femdom Shanghai Bizarre portfolio (this is No 1). It’s probably because you’ve never investigated the world of femdom art. For those in the know, he’s one of the leading proponents of that particular genre.

“Shanghai Bizarre was one of the most interesting projects to come my way in my career as a femdom illustrator. Around 2000 I was contacted by an old “China-hand”, many years out in the East, with a request to draw out six scenes of his oriental fantasies. He was very specific in the type of lady he wished me to draw – trashy, middle-aged, high-income, arrogant and vain. Leather skirts and high-heels a must. While this wasn’t exactly what I idealised I warmed to the project and the fantasies proceeded easily and imaginatively”.

All together there are four of these limited edition Shanghai Bizarre etchings for sale and they can all be found here


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