George Barris – Photograph – Marilyn Monroe – N6 From The Last Photos


George Barris – Photograph of Marilyn Monroe – N6 from The Last Photos

Limited edition of 99
Hand signed and numbered
Original black & white photograph on photo paper from the original negatives
Image size: 14 x 11 inches / 35.6 x 28 cm
Stock number: GB5532/0120
Price: £1600

This framed copy is the last one available from this limited edition.

From the exclusive collection of Marilyn Monroe photographs taken by George Barris two weeks before her death, August 5 1962.

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George Barris – The Last Photos

Between June 1 and July 18, 1962 just two weeks before Marilyn Monroe died, George Barris became the last photographer to shoot Marilyn Monroe. Known as the “Last Photos” this series of photographs, over 250 in all, were taken on the beach in Santa Monica and at a private home in the Hollywood Hills. The photos are all shot with natural lighting and with no artifice as to reveal the “true” Marilyn, and leave us with a window of what she was possibly thinking in the last days…


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